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2014 Christmas Special 50% Discount Announced by Kvisoft

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Hereof, I will share another good news which is specially designed for 2014 holiday season: Kvisoft announces Christmas special offer providing all its hot sales with 50% off price. For friends who want to create page turning catalogs, brochures, page flipping greeting ecards and etc, it’s a good news for you as you can now save up to 50%. This special offer is released to celebrate the 5th birthday of Kvisoft Co., Ltd. and also celebrate the coming of 2014 Xmas.

If you are interested in digital publishing software, flipbook software, video to flash converter or etc, please don’t miss the great opportunity to get powerful program from Kvisoft.com as you can now buy these programs at half price. The Christmas special offer is specially released in order celebrate 2014 Christmas and 5th birthday of Kvisoft corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Special Discount

1. Is there any difference between normal version and discounted version?
Every customer can feel relieved about this issue as there is no different between normal version and the discounted version. This Christmas special is a promotional activity of Kvisoft and it only lasts a short period. What you downloaded from the Christmas special offer page is the same as the normal version.

2. How long is the Christmas discount valid?
Kvisoft announces that the Xmas special offer is only valid from Nov24th, 2014 to Jan5th, 2015. During this period, customers can buy the software with 50% discount. When special offer expires, the buy now link will become unclickable. For guys who are interested in Kvisoft programs, please take your time.

3. Does only specific person can buy the programs with 50% discount?
The Christmas special offer is open for all the customers who visit this webpage: http://www.kvisoft.com/christmas-discount-promotion.html. Anyone can buy the software with the special discounted price during the event period.

4. Is it possible to update freely and ask for free technical support forever as normal version?
Just as what Kvisoft says on its official website, you can get free lifetime update service and free lifetime technical support once you purchased a license from Kvisoft.com. If there’s anything about license, software feature, suggestion and etc about us, we will reply you back via email within 48 hours.

5. Price details about original price and discounted price
Kvisoft FlipBook Maker
Its original price is $97, now only $48.5 per license. This software can help you create stunning flash flipbooks from a lot of files such as PDF, Office documents, images, SWF and flash videos.
Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro
It’s originally priced at $297, now only $148.5 with 50% discount. Users can save up to $148.5 than usual. Digital publishers, teachers, ebook authors, marketers will find the good uses of this software as it can enable them create amazing digital publications or editions in just a few minutes. This is definitely a good digital publishing software.
Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer
Original price for it is $49.95, now only $24.97 per license. During this season which is full of holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and etc, people will find the software very useful as it can enable them create captivating slideshow albums out of photos, music and etc.

Except these programs, Kvisoft data recovery, data recovery for Mac, SWF to video converter, video to flash converter and etc are all offering with the Christmas special discount. If you need these programs to recover accidentally deleted files, transfer videos to flash or convert SWF to video formats, please grasp this chance as it can help you save a lot. This special discount is the last special offer of Kvisoft.com in 2014. And it’s the biggest discount of flipbook software on the global market. You could learn more information about software features, prices and other details from this webpage: http://www.kvisoft.com/christmas-discount-promotion.html.

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What to Expect and Learn from 2014 CES to Improve Business

At the fresh new start of 2014, international CES is on-going from January 7 to 10. CES, short name of Consumer Electronics Show, a well-known electronics and technology tradeshow which have been held over forty years. It always introduces next-generation innovations to the marketplace. What kinds of breakthrough technologies will this 2014 CES bring to consumers?

Wearable tech.Wearable tech is on the rise. Many people have high expectation for it since early launch like Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. What kind of new technology of wearable tech will show up? That would be the most-wanted answer.

Curved screen. What are innovative ideas in the oldest consumer technologies? It is no doubt that next-generation models TV set will be with bigger displays, higher-resolution displays. But curved screen, will it become real? It is reported that two electronics makers will unveil large, curved televisions at this January CES tech show. So we could check it out soon.

3D printer. It seems like a dream to press a button and print right away for 3D toys, guns and other plastic models. 2013, we are so excited seeing the technology becoming a reality. After couple months, the 3D printing technology seems to take a big step forward. We are likely to see a lot of new innovations of 3D printer at CES 2014.

Smartphones and tablets. Many big manufactures will launch several new smartphones at CES 2014, for example, Samsung Galaxy S5. Regarding tablets, there also will be dozens of new devices on show and the big-screen will be trend. It is said that Samsung Company is going to introduce 12-inch Galaxy Note Pro tablet to challenge the iPad Pro. What other vendors will react? It will be a tough competition.

Merchants who involved in the business of consumer electronic s and technologies are always keen to this show, to get information of latest innovations, technologies, electronic trends, hot products. But most attendees are giants in this field. As small business, how to learn and apply new technology to grow business? For example, create catalog and brochure with PDF to flip book technology innovation. Look this demo and start creating PDF to flip catalog with simple and easy steps:

1. Get PDF, photo, SWF files ready. Download and install the easy-to-use Kvisoft pdf to flash converter.
2. Import your files to the flip book maker. While importing, set options of book size, page quantity, page quality, etc.
3. Design catalog with brochure templates, flash background, audio music, hard cover, bookmark, table of content, etc.
4. Input e-catolog name and publish brochure to HTML.
5. Upload output folder to online web server and embed brochure to website page, blog, Facebook, WordPress and so on. Otherwise, send via email, ship with CD, both works.

Drop old-school plain and boring PDF, turn it to stunning, cool and creative flash flip book. Why not start from reachable little things to improve business? An innovative, unique and attractive online catalog counts. Get little things done perfectly, you are closer and closer to the brighter 2014.

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7 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Flip Book Software

When looking for flipbook software, how to pick the one most suitable for you? It is a time-consuming job, because there are so many choices in the market. To reduce your work and save your time, here list 7 most import things you should know before purchasing flipbook software.

Performance of Pageflip feature. It is the most basic and valuable thing to make document with pageflip effect. So no doubt to say that this is first thing we should concern while evaluates flip book software.

Price and payment term. Price is another key consideration. There are several charging method, bill monthly, charge by output quantity, and one-time payment. You should first understand clearly that how long and how many for publishing, then calculate cost and compare. Honestly speaking, one-time charge is better since there is no unpredicted fee, cost-effective way for control cost under budget.

Output publications compatible with various formats for desktop, mobile, tablet. Nowadays, the media platform people use most frequently is mobile portable digital devices. Want more exposures? Do not neglect readers from mobile. But not every program supports publications to be read on mobile. So it is suggest that you should pick flipbook creator that allows reading on popular mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung android smart phone, tablets, etc.

Multimedia fully integrated. What kind of content you want to publish? Plain PDF or with more interactive multi-media elements like video, audio, flash, links and so on? If you prefer latter one, then pay attention to this capability when checking vast of flip book software.

Available for different language. Here the language includes the language of flip book software itself and language of reading display board. Multi-language helps users from different countries to use the program easily, and make output flash pdf flipbook to be friendly. Every detail shows your professionalism, and gets your publications success.

Publication formats. Different publish options allow different distribution methods and platforms. Saving to PC, Uploading to online website, creating standalone document, sending via Email, burning to CD/DVD, do you require one or some of them? Check it out when reading description.

Good customer service counts. When we have questions or meet problems during publishing, how can we go through it as quickly as possible? The best way is turning to an experienced consultant. You will get solution very fast. So when you are looking into pdf to flash converter, please take this factor into consideration.

Above 7 points count when you make a wise decision for buying flip book software. Follow them, you could find and get a fully satisfied tool that fits your requirements and needs.

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How Christmas Tree comes as Important Holiday Custom

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Six American Christmas Traditionals on This Holiday

Are you ready to embrace this Christmas? There is no much time left before Xmas countdown. How have you prepared and planned for the biggest holiday? Here is a checklist of American Christmas traditions which most people followed. It may give you some ideas and inspirations for how to spend Xmas season with your beloved persons.

Decorate home and Christmas tree. Americans used to add holiday flavor by decorating their house with holly, mistletoe and branches of trees. Most of families bring home a Christmas tree and decorate it with beautiful ornaments, such as glass balls, electric lights, tinsel, baubles, and strings of popcorn and candy canes.

Select and exchange Xmas gifts. Xmas is the biggest festival for the majority of Americans. They are always happy to send greetings and best wishes to friends and family.  Exchanging Xmas gifts is the popular way. Kids are always excited for this holiday because they will receive present in stocking of Santa Claus. It is Christmas traditions for kids. Usually, the day begins on Christmas Eve with the Midnight Mass.

Having big Christmas dinner. The night before Christmas, it is family Christmas tradition for American people to come home, even from thousands miles away. Family members will gather together and have delicious meals. Traditional Christmas dinner menu including roast turkey with vegetables and sauces, goose, duck or ham served with cranberry sauce, then plum pudding or pumpkin pie followed by nuts and fruit, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, pastry cases, etc.

Public Christmas events and celebrations‎. In the holiday month, a lot of public carnival celebrations. And it is busy season for many celebrities. For example, Mariah Carrey attended on 2013 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, dressing up as Mrs Santa Claus. Katy Perry join Mayer’s concert at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Christmas carols and caroling. This holiday is original for ceremony of the Birth of Christ Jesus. So Christians will perform Christmas carols on churches.

Sending Christmas cards. It is another method to give your festive greetings. A little card with interesting images and sweet sentences, will add happiness to recipients. As time goes by, there are not much people send paper cards. Instead, they use ecards which have more fun with multimedia. By a few clicks on button within flash flip book tool, a personalize Christmas ecard with pageflip animation can be created. After, one clicks to online delivery.

As we can know, there are various Christmas traditions around the world. You do not have to follow all of them, depending on you, your family or friends. Above is just for your reminder to have more festival feeling and share good time with others.

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What Best Christmas Gifts Kids Want from Santa Claus

As parents, do you know what Christmas gifts kids want? Are you bothering which present you should pack in Santa Claus stocking? After read this post, you may get some inspirations. Things boys and girls want are so different, so here we list gift as 3 categories, boys, girls and others.

Cool Christmas Gifts for boy kids

Robot Puppy. Kids are caring little animals like puppy. They enjoy playing with pet together. But will parents give their children a real puppy for Christmas? I do not think so, because they are too young to take care of a little dog, while parents are too busy to do this job either. So the best thing is giving your little baby a robot puppy, which is cute and funny.

Remote Control Car. Most boys show a great interesting on auto. So why not buy them a stylish and easy-to-operate remote-controlled car? Inside of the body of the vehicle are cool wheels, axles, and decals. On days with nice weather, take them out to a flat place and have fun with driving their beloved Remote Control Car.

Best Xmas presents for girls children

Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo. Big Hugs Elmo is most likely the cutest thing to girls on this Christmas. The newest incarnation of Sesame Street’s cuddly character gives real hugs to parents’ princess and will even sing songs to your little one on bedtime, helping them to sleep and have a good dream.

The America Girl Doll. As classic Barbie doll or “Disney Sofia the First Royal Curtsy” doll, the America girl doll is getting more and more little fans. They are on top of wish list.  Many little girls expecting badly for getting one set.

Clothes and Accessories. For the baby girl who likes to stroll in style, get her some trendy fashion beautiful dress and accessories, such as UGG boots, Layered Ruffle Tulle Skirt, hand-knitted hats, Nike sport shoes, etc. It is a good time to dress them up for holiday parties.

Other nice holiday gift ideas and inspiration for kids

Camper Play Tent. Get your kids a van-shaped tent: Can you dig it? Fits three kids, or one nostalgic baby boomer in the fetal position.

Interactive World Globe. Pick an interactive globe, which Help kids discover more about our great planet as they play with it. For example, mark continents and countries on globe, or recognize stickers of animals from around the world, or something else.

DIY Flash Chirstmas E Card or eBook. Greeting card is an easy way to send best wishes and blessings. How to make a stunning Xmas e-cards that will surprise viewers? Check here for details on the tutorial of Christmas Surprise-3D Animated Christmas Card. Download the Xmas card Flipbook Program and give it a shot.

Choosing and giving Christmas presents for the little ones in your life should be a magical experience. When looking at their smiling and happy faces when open gift box under light-up Christmas tree, everything is desired.

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