Create flash flip book on your website

Have your ever heard flipping book? It’s created by flipbook maker. You can read it as paper book, but it has more life than paper. You can save it in your computer or pad. Except these, you can design it as your favorite. If you like “The Old Man and the Sea”, you can add sea in the background and add Fate Symphony in the background music.

Isn’t it magical? It has beautiful screen and nice music. If your website has this, the visitors must linger on and forget to return! Maybe you think it’s difficult to make flipbook in website. Don’t worry. In fact it’s very easy. Follow the next steps, you won’t spend much time on flip book maker software.

First, download your flip book software. You have the option to download the desktop flip book maker software. You can also make it online. For offline version, you have to download the software to your computer, load it on your browser. We recommend you to try kvisoft flipping book software.

Second, convert you book document into PDF format by adobe acrobat or other programs.

Third, install the tool. You only have to compliance with the guidelines.

Fourth, import the PDF files you have prepared and click convert. This command will save your PDF files as flash files and convert them into flash flip book.You have to wait several minutes.

Fifth, design the flipping book according to your website’s feature and visitor’s favorite.

Sixth, publish the flash book. If you use kvisoft flipbook creator, you can save the flipping book in four formats: EXE/APP/html/ZIP.

Seventh, Upload the HTML document to your web server and to any other folders that software program wants you to.

Last, Link the HTML document to HTML page on your website and check if you can access the same by clicking the link on your website.

Now, your flip book is ready for the visitors.

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