Why should we select digital flip book for reading

1. What is flip book?

Flip digital book is a new book carrier. All the OPF format e-book can be called FlipBook

The OPF: FlipBook book’s format, Open Flip ™ abbreviations

FlipBook maker development language base on XML, C++, Java

Unlike the traditional e-read medium as txt or word, revolutionary innovations as the field of digital reading, FlipBook aimed at let readers freed from the complex technical movements and then return to the traditional reading pleasure. Flipbook integrates the superiority of web, hyperlinks, voicerich broadband multimedia, music, and video, animation so that let the science and technology service for human life. It can meet the people’s reading demands. People can get audiovisual enjoyment and Human-Computer interaction when read these flip books.

2. The advantage and characteristics of flip book

FlipBook advantage:

1. Real, natural, smooth, humane reading experience

2. Integrate cognitive psychology from the traditional reading and the advanced computer technology perfectly;

3. Upgrading traditional reading experience and the effect of feedback through computer and network technology.

4. Help the digital content producers to enhance the book value of content,

5. Won reader’s favor quickly.

6. Compatible FLP, PDF, RTF, HTML, Flash, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Java, JavaScript and even more formats. It has dynamically generated, page pre-reading and Real-time delivery and interaction through the internet simultaneously.

7. More effective in spreading. You can only click Share button to communicate the magazine content with friends, families, and colleagues via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg etc

Digital magazine the six key characteristics:

a. Display page, press page to read;

b. Analog the books thickness, and press the thickness of the scroll;

c. Page pre-reading, achieve fast scroll;

d. Select page yardage and book mark, achieve contrast;

e. Dynamically inserted into the page, achieve immediate notification;

f. Capture information in real time, achieve analytics and statistics.

Flip book is one of the trends for the future of reading. It can be intuitive to read, with a wealth of interactive media, portable, more comfortable reading experience. You can design flipbook through digital magazine software.

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