Why should we convert pdf files to flip book

As we all know, PDF developed by Adobe. Now it is one of popular electronic document. But it also has shortcoming.

1. PDF files can not be bookmarked. Now most of pdf files contain much content, we can not read all the content at once. When we want to mark somewhere important, no such function will find in the PDF. When we want to read the front page, you need to back catalog to identify the contents to go to this page.

2. Inconvenient to read. PDF can not be scroll reading as the traditional book. It likes other electronic document, adopted from sliding down the line reading. It is very inconvenient that if we want to re-read the previous.

Now there is one new carrier flip book. It integrates the advantage of the PDF and paper book and can be read as digital magazine.

Flip page format can package text, font, format, color, and independent of the device and resolution graphics in one file as PDF. The format can also contain hypertext links, sound, and motion pictures and other electronic information. It supports strengths file, higher integration and safety and reliability.

People can not read PDF as reading paper book. Now flip book can help people overcome the shortcomings. People can scroll reading the flip page book as traditional book. You can add bookmarks in the flip page. There are two types bookmark. One is hyperlinks. The other is linking to other important pages.

People can use flip book maker to make flip page book. If you search in Google, you will find more. Most of them have the similar functions. Now I take kvisoft flipping book software for example to introduce their features.

Kvisoft flash flip page creator has these features:

Drag or click on the corner of a page to flip to the next page

View with pre-loading needed pages to open quickly; do not need to wait all pages loaded

Use button to control page, such as Previous, Next, Cover, Back cover etc

Flip pages automatically or manually

Auto loop the flip book or not

View page-flipping eBook full screen

Use thumbnail to navigate

Zoom in/ out both pages

Turn on or turn off the page-turning sound

Double click to change to the thumbnail mode

Input password to unlock encrypted pages

View flipbook repeatedly

Full screen view mode

Search function enabled

Download the original PDF from web site directly

Zoom in/ out both pages

Share eBook url via email

Support sharing flipbook to social networks

Add bookmark when reading

Flexible zoom options have been added: mouse wheel zoom, double-click zoom, click flipbook buttons to zoom etc

If you use kvisoft flip page software , it only takes person several steps to convert PDF to flip digital magazine.

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