Optimize your tablet digital magazine in several tips

With the popularity of tablet, it is an excellent opportunity to enter the field of digital publishing magazine publishers. But there are some important considerations to keep in mind when create your digital tablet magazine:

Tablets have pretty good interactivity and rich media streaming video and audio formats. This will bring the reader unique experience.

Digital magazine software has sharing function. People can use tablets to connect the social media. This allows users to share digital publishing between friends and colleagues, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter or via e-mail.

Add shortcut to the application icon to your iPhone or iPad on home screen. It is very convenient when people wan to use it to create digital magazine.

Use the Content menu to add hyperlinks where people would find useful. These links can link to the web site as well as he page numbers of your digital magazine.

Set up the size of image for the background of your publication. Consider the image will be stretched to accommodate the width of the browser, so texture or abstract images will be desirable.

In most instances, digital magazine software offer background pictures. They are resized already.
Enabled load control to a specific page, in order to reduce the waiting time of the readers. The upload faster the more it can win the favor of the people.

Create SEO friendly tablet digital magazine which will make your publication get a better chance of ranked of the higher niche key words and terminology. Edit the page title and Meta description to optimize your digital publication by flip book maker, then submitted to the search engines.

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