Create available flip digital magazine for iPad

With the emergence and growing popularity of tablet PCs and mobile devices, they have changed the way many people consume media. Many companies and publishers have taken part in the revolution and created digital magazine version in order to meet this growing market.

So, how much is the Ipad digital reading market? Based on current statistical data, there are already more than 84 million units iPad sold! This huge number can ensure in the field of ipad figures read, promising!

Digital magazine, a beautifully produced, and the contents of the essence, the way of the information cluster the books effect of graphic, data, audio and video integrated use of multimedia publishing. Its realistic effect of flip books, flipping pages also issued Shea sound; sporty graphic, click on the book villain can speak; graceful background music, wonderful video, three-dimensional images, all give stunning reading experience. It often created by flip page book software.

Reading digital magazines or news on the iPad provides a unique reading experience for the user. They get the consumer media and where they want. With 8.8 satisfactions gained 10 points, compared to the iPad and the Kindle fire and other Android Tablet PC is the highest satisfaction rate.

According to the survey data, 46% of respondents said they use their iPad 2-5 times every day, more than 9.4% of the business people will read electronic digital magazine through their ipad.

Digital publishing let readers view flip book on the iPad, so they have the opportunity to view the publication in a whole new way to make for your readers.

If you are looking for a digital version of the iPad version, the 3D problem is actually very simple. All you need is your content is in PDF format through software, you can run it, add any additional enhancements, such as links, video and audio, and then output the HTML5 format of the magazine, and upload it to your website. Then, your readers can access content on their phone / tablet PC iPad or other devices when they want to read.

There is another easy way to be installed flipbook software on your ipad. Flip book software allows people to convert PDF or photo to a flipbook. This tool also has additional features, you can add links, edit text, add background images, and add video. When all the work is completed, you can be your work to share with your facebook or twitter friends!

There is also a handy guide here how to make a flipbook.

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