Flip page touch-screen reading is coming

Now, the Internet has from the computer Internet era into the era of mobile. In the mobile Internet era, people can communicate with internet when walking. Tablet PC emerged. Compared with the traditional PC, Tablet PC use finger and touch screen instead of mouse and keyboard. Tablet PC is have a big popular by this intuitive, easy-to-use operating experience. The growth rate is significantly beyond the traditional PC.

With the growing of multimedia information query the device, more and more people talk about the touch screen. Because the touch screen has many advantages as durable, fast response, space-saving, and easy to communicate. Users just use their fingers to gently touch the icon or text on a computer screen can be achieved on the host operating. Human-computer interaction will be more straightforward by this technology that is greatly convenient for those who do not understand the operation of the computer user.

The touch screen is the one everyone can use computer input devices, or that everyone can use to communicate with the computer equipment. Touch screen’s magic is everyone can use without learning. This is either the keyboard or mouse, can not be compared. Anyone can use. This also marks the true arrival of the era of the popularization of computer applications.

Variety of touch screen technology is relying on each sensor to work, and even some of the touch screen itself is a set of sensors. The respective positioning principle and respective sensor determines the reaction speed, reliability, stability and longevity of the touch screen.

According to the North American market statistics, Tablet PC sales in the quarter is expected to reach 21.5 million units that is nearly 50% higher than sales of laptop after Black Friday. Market research firm NPD Display Search said in a report at local time on November 24, Tablet PC screen shipments exceed notebook in October. This is a milestone for the global IT industry.

With the popularity of the touch screen, the lifestyle of the people will change. Flipbook conforms to the touch screen and created by flip book maker. It is composed by flip page. People can page read PDF or photos as reading traditional books. People just need to gently point and then enjoy the reading on the touch screen. This will bring unparalleled reading experience; more and more people will be added to the ranks.

Carry out your Touch screen business in 2013!

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