Seize the digital flip page publishing opportunity in tablet Christmas

With Christmas approaching, digital flip magazine publishers have prepared a variety of programs to expand their target groups. According to the latest data, the Tablet PC shipments in 2012 will be more than traditional computer the first time. If you add to the popularity of smart phones, Personal Digital Assistant will be far more than the computer. Neither Tablet PC nor smart phone uses the touch screen as a display and operating equipment. People just need to gently touch the screen to manipulate these devices. The popularity of the touch screen is to bring greater opportunities to tell the digital multimedia publishing industry.

Digital flip page magazine is a very good media manifestation. It has both the characteristics of the paper book and the electronic data that integration into a mutual dynamic combination of images, text, sound, video, games, etc. to be presented to the reader. In addition, there are hyperlinks timely interactive network elements, is a very enjoyable read. Digital flip magazine has good scalability. It can be ported to the PDA, MOBILE, and MP4, PSP and TV (digital TV, set-top boxes) and other personal terminal for reading.

People can only be achieved with a dedicated e-reader like a traditional book page read before. Now, people can read digital magazine as traditional flipping book on these integrated powerful equipment. There is no doubt that e-reader encounters biggest competitor.

Create digital flip page magazine is very easy. Digital magazine software allows people to convert PDF or images to flip page book. Now I take kvisoft flip page software as example to show how to create digital magazine.

First, download and install flip book software. Search in google, youe will find many similar tools.

Second, upload files as PDF or photos. The flip book tool can create flip page automatically.

Third, edit page flip. You can use the flip page software to add text or background photos and even videos, sound on flip page.

Fourth, design flip book style. Most of flip book maker have strong design functions. Users can design style as their or customer’s favorite.

Last, publish digital flip page magazine. People can publish as four styles according to your demend.

With the popularity of the touch screen, the lifestyle of the people will change. Flipbook conforms to the touch screen. People just need to gently point and then enjoy the reading on the mobile device. This will bring unparalleled reading experience!

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