How to convert photos to multimedia magazine by kvisoft

Christmas is coming nearly. The New Year is about to begin. I think most of people have taken a lot of photos this year. But it is not easy to browse so many photos at a time. Why not convert them to a multimedia magazine? Multimedia magazine embeds hyperlinks, music, video, animation and other rich broadband multimedia content on flip page. This will bring unparalleled audiovisual experience for readers.

Kvisoft flip book maker pro is professional multimedia digital magazine software provides an easy way for anyone to convert photos to Flash flipping book with page-turning effects. It has strong edit functions as allows people to embed videos, image, audios, hyperlinks and more multimedia objects.

First, download and install kvisoft flip book maker pro. It is easy. What you have to do is clicking mouse.

Second, import photos. Users can integrate photos contain jpg, bmp, JPEG, png, gif. People can also use shift keyboard to batch import photos. The software converts the photos to flip page first.

Third, edit flip pages. This function is the important features of this software. It contains:

Add text: add description text on flip page.

Add hyperlinks: allows users to add links to the website or the other pages.
Add videos: it can embed videos in the html. People can upload the html to the website so visitors can play the video in html. The type of videos contains flv, f4v and mp4.
Add images: people can add the other images as jpg, png, bmp, jpeg and gif) on flip page.

Add sounds: it allows people to add music on flip page.

Fourth, design flip page: kvisoft digital publishing software offers several templates for users to make attractive multimedia magazine quickly. It has strong design functions as thumbnail style, navigation bar setting, background image and music, button settings, and other powerful settings.

Fifth, kvisoft digital publishing software offers social network sharing functions. Designers can share the multimedia flip page magazine to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and more sites or E-mail or copy it to others.

Sixth, publishing styles. It offers five styles for people. HTML format is for Website using; EXE format is for viewing on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and even Android-powered devices).

Kvisoft flip book maker pro creates digital publications with page turning effects and embedding videos, image, audios, hyperlinks and more multimedia objects. Digital page flip magazine can dramatically improve people reading experience!

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