How to embed video in html by kvisoft flip book maker pro

Now, more and more people have personal website. It is a window in internet. Adding one video may make your site become distinctive. In most instances, people have to know more knowledge of the procedures to realize playing video on web. But now there is one tool allows people embed video in html without any programming skills and then visitors can see the video on html web. It is kvisoft flip book maker pro.

  1. Download and install kvisoft flip book maker pro.
  2. Run it and upload videos. The software can convert it to flip page.





3.  Page edit. Users can add text, hyperlinks on page. It can make the video html web more attractive.


4. Design flip page.


5. Publish. There are five styles. Choose html. Converted folder contains two parts: html and “files” folder.


6. Upload files to web space by FTP. Put them in the same folder and set right path. Then you can play the video on html web.




  1. Users can use shift keyboard to batch import videos.
  2. Kvisoft flip book maker pro can import Flash movies (.flv, f4v, mp4 and .swf)
  3. People can modify the meta description for seo friendly
  4. The more videos you convert, the larger the folder will be larger. So you would better convert less video.
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