How to create 3D flip page book for mobile devices

2013 CES show held in Las Vegas on January 8 -11. As the consumer electronics industry wind vane, it is one of the world’s most influential consumer electronics exhibitions. The annual CES stage major digital technology companies to showcase their latest products and technology. All circles of the society will also capture the latest developments of the industry and consumer trends at the same time. Some new technological concept continued to affect our lives after even many years.

Through this exhibition, the analysts believe that the personal computer (PC) decline intensified, intelligent mobile terminal diversified development paths become apparent. This is a clear trend in the consumer electronics industry. Forty-eight percent USA people use smart phones to subscribe digital 3D flip page book! The lack of touch functionality is undoubtedly a major shortcoming of the traditional laptop in the fingertips economic era.

Graphics digital 3D flip page publishing is based on computer technology, communication technology, and network technology, streaming media technology, storage technology, display technology and other high-tech design and planning.

Digital 3D flip page magazine is a new publishing carrier form that the traditional publishing is impacted by new computer technology and merged with computer multimedia technology. It inherits the advantages of traditional publishing, and combines of computer technology. It uses computer technology to performance traditional publishing depth content. Digital 3D flip page publishing is combined with touch screen. Readers can read the flip page as paper book on mobile devices.

Now I recommend one 3d flip book software that allows people to create flip digital publishing.

Kvisoft 3d flip book software enables users to output a mobile version of your flip publication for portable mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or Android devices. This will makes your publications on the move when you don’t stay at office. At the same time, many people like surf online with their tablet computer or mobile phones such as iPhone, android-powered phone, etc. So, create a mobile version flipbook for your mobile users now! So that when your readers are out door or being at somewhere without computer, they can access to your site and read your flash book easily.

1. Select Generate Files for Mobile while import PDFs. It contains four options: generate files for mobile devices; generate thumbnails for page quickly preview; extract PDF links; extract table of content.

2. Create mobile version 3D flip page book when publish. Kvisoft 3D digital publishing software allows people to create mobile version. You can make output flip page book work on iPad, iPhone and android mobile devices.

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