Read digital publication on touch screen devices

In the last few years, according to the popularity of touch screen, it has become more and more increasingly to read digital flip page magazine on touch screen mobile devices. This brings revolutionary reading experience for readers. And readers also have adopted this new way of reading via tablets and mobile devices. The new reading trend has been growing steadily according to experts. has asserted the article “The Touchscreen technology is nearly a staple feature in mobile devices”

What is the touch screen technology?
Touch screen is an induction-type liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals. Users can control through simple or multi-touch gestures by touching the screen with one or more fingers. When contact with the graphics button on the screen, the screen tactile feedback system can drive a variety of coupling device according to pre-programmed program. It can be used to replace mechanical buttons panel and create a vivid audio and visual effects through LCD screen. As the newest computer input device, touch screen is the most simple, convenient, natural kind of human-computer interaction. It is a very attractive new multimedia interaction device and gives multimedia with new life.

Who devised touch screen?
Maybe someone think apple developed touch screen because of iPhone and iPad. In fact, touch screen has existed for nearly half a century. According to Wikipedia, “E.A. Johnson described his work on capacitive touch screens in a short article published in 1965 and then more fully—along with photographs and diagrams—in an article published in 1967.
The also experts “E.A. Johnson is believed to be the first to develop the touch screen in 1965. The tablet was patented in 1969 and was used for air traffic control until about 1995

Digital flip publication on touch screen
Flip publication is a new way of reading. Flip publications integrates the superiority of web, hyperlinks, voice rich broadband multimedia, music, and video, animation so that readers can enjoy unprecedented experience.

It has five key characteristics:
a. Display page, press the Page Scroll;
b. Analog the books thickness, and press the thickness of the scroll;
c. Page pre-reading to achieve fast read;
d. twist page, hover, realized before and after Savimbi;
e. Dynamically inserted into the page, immediate notification;

Readers can read flip publication as traditional book on touch screen. Digital flip publication and touch screen can combine perfectly.
The touch screen technology has become a fascinating experience. It provides users with outstanding performance and functionality so touch-screen will be easier accepted by readers. If you want to create your flip publication, you can use Kvisoft digital publishing software. It offers 30 days free trial.

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