Start your flash e magazine on mobile devices

Why start digital magazine publishing for mobile devices?

According to Market Research Company Strategy Analytics said in a report the third quarter of 2012, the total number of Smartphone users worldwide topped 1 billion marks, reach 1.038 billion. This is if you start your convert pdf file to ebook for mobile now, you will occupy favorable position in the future.

Strategy Analytics said in this report although it takes 16 years that Smartphone users reach 10 million over worldwide, but this figure will grow by 10 million people in the next three years. With the Smartphone costs of rapid decline and the growing number of Smartphone manufacturers, Smartphone users will grow by 10 million people in the not a long period of time.

This is one seventh of the world’s people have some sort of smart phones. It could be the iPhone, Android phones, Symbian devices or any other type of smart phone. If the result of this study is true, the number of smart phone users will be more rapid rate of growth.

What is the key point in digital publication?

“Put your readers in center, help your customers achieve their goals and earn their trust.”

According to Gartner’s report – Market Insight: Three Compelling Reasons to Update Your E-Commerce Product Strategy: The top four priorities of CRM programs are enhancing the customer experience (40.2%), increasing the acquisition of new customers (34.8%), increasing sales revenue (32.9%) and increasing customer satisfaction 31.9%).

For e-commerce strategies to deliver these results mobile, social, globalization, cloud and legacy order management systems all need to be well-integrated and galvanized around a common set of objectives and analytics to measure results.

Gartner sees mobile, social and globalization being the three compelling reasons why digital e-commerce product strategies need to be re-evaluated today. There is also the proliferation of cloud platforms, and the transition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and distributed order management systems away from being a system of record for transactions to delivering insights and intelligence about a specific line of business.

How to create digital e magazine for mobile devices?

Kvisoft flip book maker pro allows people to make digital e magazine in several steps.

First, download and install kvisoft e magazine software. It is easy. You only need to click mouse.

Second, import files. Kvisoft page flip software allows people to upload PDF, SWF, Video and photos. You can convert your PDF files or photos to digital flip e magazine.

Third, edit your flip page e magazine. Kvisoft flip book software has professional functions. People can add video, audio, hyperlinks and backgrounds. This will make your digital publication more attractive.

Fourth, design flip page magazine. Kvisoft flip book maker offers some templates; you can choose your favorite. It supports people share your digital flip magazine with your friends on facebook, twitter by e-mail.

Last, publish flip e magazine. You can publish your publication as four styles: HTML, APP, EXE and RAR. Select suitable style according to your need. If you have website, you’d better choose HTML. If you cater to reads on apple products, you can choose APP.

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