Several steps to avoid when make pdf flip book

The flip book will propose some areas which if addressed, will allow for the avoidance of some commonly made mistakes and thus providing a greate likelihood of success for your digital publishing project.

This flip book shall look specifically at avoiding some of the pitfalls which may occur in the preparation of a flip e-book launch highlighting issues for the book author to bear in mind.

Some of these precautions may also apply to other page flip publications too from a digital catalog to marketing collateral.

1. Fail to plan

There is one old proverb “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. The preparation of any digital flip book publication requires prior planning – Planning will prevent a poor output and ensure that your piece gets the cut through and attention it deserves. A plan will stipulate exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

A good plan will follow the pneumonic “SMART”
That is:
Specific – relate to a key idea or focus point for the project;
Measurable – will allow you to accurately track your progress;
Agreed – all members of the team are informed and agree to the plan (or agree not to agree!)
Realistic – Planning for something which is not feasible is unwise;
Timed – Set a timeframe around the idea and stick to it;
The planning stage may involve some form of research.

2. Failing to carry out research

Research into your digital pdf flip book publication and the target market for your book could take many forms; For market research there are two types of research: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative research will look to subjective forms of measurement which you may utilize to form some type of hypothesis.

Qualitative questions like:
Who is already writing in this space?
What are they saying?
Do I agree with this and why?
What can I offer and will it be well received?

Quantitative research will use numeric recording to reach a conclusion.
A good step in creating your e-book is to research your target market; you may wish to ask questions such as…
For this look to; how many blogs are there in my specific area?
Where are they located?
How long have they been in existence?
Do they use many e-books and how many of them are published authors?
How many other publications are there out there like mine?
What form or format does that content take?
Who and where are the people doing it?
How long have they been in this space?

But also…… writing about something which is established in a new way can open doors too. E-books can for a short period be a first to market, has anyone written an e-book on making soap for example? Or how to change the oil in a car? There could be markets for books like these. Over time as hard copy publications slowly migrate entirely to e-book format this type of publication will not be possible – grab the ‘low hanging fruit’ while it lasts.

3. Test your flip book publication

Even where your research makes it apparent that there is a market for your publication it will have less chance of success without testing in the real world. Once you’ve completed test you’ll not only have tested your flip book publication to the market which you know exists from your research but you’ll also have built up a following which will make sales and distribution much easier when you release the e-book.

4. The Content in PDF format

This is a pragmatic step. The two major e-book files in use are .epub and .mobi files, by creating files in both these formats your content will be available to practically every e-reader device. Using Kvisoft pdf flip book maker to convert your PDF into flip e-reader files is one way in which some of the work can be taken out of your file preparation.

To ensure a smooth conversion from PDF to epub and mobi it is best to adhere to the following guidelines:
Avoid the use of rare or exotic fonts;
Don’t add too many images;
Be careful with charts and diagrams;
Proof read and then proof read again;
Don’t spend too much!
Kvisoft can create unlimited publications for a one off fee in epub and mobi file formats with no lengthy agreements or high pricing.

5. Selecting the correct On-line bookstore

The options which exist for on-line ebook sellers are varied from the well known like the Amazon or Apple iBook store to the niche publication retailers.

On-line bookstores will have different pricing and models to suit different types of publications almost all stores will require a return from your publications sale on the store.

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