Ways and Tips to Make E Catalog for 2013 Halloween

As online shop owners, how to enhance sales in this 2013 Halloween festival? As we all know, product catalog is the keypoint to present items and lure customers to buy, especially for online business. So building an appealing e catalog is the key to blossom income in this hot season. To help you to increase revenue,this article give you 3 ways and 5 tips to make an outstanding online catalog.

1. Online Flip Catalog Created by Kvisoft Page Flipping Software.

Flip catalog is kind of flash book with flipping animation when turn pages. It enables digital catalog a looking as real book, with dynamic background, beautiful layout, and so on. It also has features of bookmark, table of contents, searching words, share and download. Furthermore, it supports rich multi-media. So you can embed video, audio music, clickable hyperlinks, logo image, flash SWF to catalog pages.

These fantastic elements will definitely catch shoppers’ eyes and lure them to order. Check this little online e-catalog sample from Kvisoft.

2. Booklet Slides by Slideshow Maker Software.

Slides is also a good choice for online store owners to present products on website. With dynamic transition and motion effects to images, lovely template and theme, merchandise can be demonstrated very well by slideshow. Besides, you could add upbeat music to those aesthetic image slideshows. So why not create a stunning booklet slideshow with image slideshow software?

3. E brochure gallery by Flash Photo Gallery Creator.

Gallery is an alternative ways. Most web designer used photo gallery on their web pages. So online businessman also can use gallery as e-brochure for giving better presentation for selling items. But this way is more suitable for small e brochure. If you get lots of goods to display, slideshow or flipbook catalog is recommended.

Above 3 ways are good to display products. Besides here are some small tips for building excellent catalog:

1. Add some links to digital catalog. These links can redirect people to your ordering page.

2. Insert company logo. It will make the catalog more professional if you brand it with your company logo image.

3. When putting it online, please pay attention to web design. Making it match the style. You can set size and location when embed it to web page.

4. Monitor traffic of your online catalog. You may use Google Analytics to track how many readers click on your flip catalog and how many times they click on inserted links.

5. Integrates with various multimedia, such as video, audio, SWF flash and so on. So clients can know more about your items and erase their worries. Thus turn their shopping demand to purchase behavior.

It is easily to increase profits in this Halloween by using above ways and tips.

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