Guide for Publishing Online E Magazine for iPad 5

Last week, Apple announced 2 new iPad models were launched, iPad Mini and iPad 5, also named iPad Air. In some expert reviews, iPad 5 is the most perfect of old ones, lighter and faster. It almost satisfied all requirements of consumer. So it is expected a very good sales in this 2013 Christmas shopping season.

With coming development of tablets and smart phone, readers spend reading more time on portable mobile devices. For digital publisher, how to grab this trend and distribute digital magazines on iPad platform? Besides EPUB, e magazine in HTML format also work on iPad. It is easier to create and publish iPad magazine. This article will guide you to create e-magazine that for iPad.

Many eMag designers edit digital version of magazine in PDF editor. But it is not that kind of magazine as paper version. We could find a digital magazine creator to convert PDF to flash magazine. Flipbook Maker Pro is the one which split PDF to side-by-side pages which looks like a real hardcover magazine. Following are steps for creating digital magazine for iPad:

Step 1: Download and install e magazine software.

Search Flipbook Maker Pro on Google, and go to its main website for downloading. After downloaded, please install and open it for preparation.

Step 2: Import PDF or image files to the flip page maker.

Click File menu on topper right corner, then select ‘New’ sub-menu to create a new e-zine project.  Press import button to load PDF or picture material from your computer to the program.

Step 3: Edit e-magazine pages and embed multimedia elements.

Go to Page Edit tab, you could set page properties, like transparency, dividing line, shadow, landscape / portrait mode, content position. There are several buttons on the left side, you could use them to insert text, image, clickable link, hotspot, swf flash, video, YouTube, and music to specific e-page.

Step 4: Design iPad magazine layout and appearance.

There are many beautiful built-in templates for your selection. Just click theme thumbnails on left side and preview result on right side at the same time. If you ask for more, you could personalize your own template in Advanced Settings section. That customized theme can be saved in program for you to use again next time.

Step 5: Publish iPad magazine for iPad 5.

In the Publish tab, choose HTML as output format. There are settings about magazine name, SWF size, HTML meta. Do remember to check ‘Also create mobile version’ option.

Step 6: Upload flash magazine online to website and view it on iPad Air.

After upload the whole output folder to web server, you can get an URL for your online magazine. Then you could read flash magazine on iPad 5. Here is a flipbook magazine sample.

Besides good looking, publisher should be neglect basic digital magazine content. According to a research, here are some popular ipad magazines: Popular Science, Wired, GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health. We could see that content of science, techie, men are leading the pack. Publishing business should pay more attention in these fields.

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