Create an Attractive Black Friday Promoting E Catalog

In the upcoming November’s Black Friday, as shoppers, how to avoid these problems: out-of-stock items, parking troubles and long lines? The answer is online shopping, which is saving money and time, easier to get what you want.

Online retails should not miss this big chance to increase sales. How to get more visits and customers on internet? Catalog is the bridge to lead potential consumers to your store. So an outstanding and eye-catching Black Friday e-catalog is the most important thing. How to do it? Followings are suggestions:

Catalog content comes First.

E-Commerce sales team should do market search to find out hot items that shoppers are interested. If your selling items are on consumers’ gift list or wish list, they properly will turn to your shop and check it out. It is one of the most important key points to get more orders. Secondly, collect hot items information and images, and then compose content and design catalog contents. 

Use attractive presentation way – Flip Catalog.

Besides content, presentation way is another thing that makes a successful electronic catalog or flyer. Many designers use PDF as e-catalog format, but it is kind of boring, normal and plain. Why not change it to a more interesting and fashion look? Flip catalog is such a creative way to present digital content of catalog, poster, flyer, brochure, booklet, etc. It makes catalog looks like a real book with pages. Most cool thing is the flipping animation when click page corner.  And it just takes only 3 steps to create that stylish flipping catalog:

  1. Import original catalog material (in PDF or image format) about Black Friday promoting to the page turner software. Then the PDF or Image will be converted to pages, as physical book.
  2. Add more dynamic elements to pages and design the whole book layout. You may add multimedia to flipping pages, like video, music, website or email links, company logo, etc. There are plenty of built-in templates and theme for you to customize your own holiday promotion catalogues and flyers. 
  3. Output your digital brochure. There are multiple output options: HTML for posting online, EXE for offline CD delivery, ZIP for email sending, and APP for playing on Mac.

Publish holiday brochures online.

Since ecommerce is doing deals online, so the completed e-catalog should be uploaded to web server by FTP, or other free online hosting service, like Dropbox, Google drive, and so on.

Distribute Black Friday e catalog on social community.

Normally, after you uploaded catalog to web, you could embed it to your e-store, website or blog.
Besides, Black Friday also is a hot topic on social media channels. Web surfers on Twitter, Facebook and other community are likely to yield chatter about Black Friday sales. So distributor and salesmen should also distribute sales catalog there.

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