Suggestions for publishing Successful Xmas Edition of Digital Magazine

As digital publisher, how to make a successfull digital holiday magazine when 2013 Christmas comes.Every detail counts,including magazine design, publishing online, e magazine distribution.Following are ideas and suggestions for editors who are going to launch a Chrismas issue .

Create and design Christmas issue.

  1. Draw a perfect cover for Christmas edition. E-Magazine cover is the first impression to readers. So it is the most important part of your digital publication. A good first impression means fifty percents of success. Attractive front cover should be colorful with great photographs, and short intro to interesting contents.
  2. Assemble Xmas issue content. Since this is a Christmas special issue, so designers should better use some articles, images or short stories that is Christmas-relative, such as Santa Claus.
  3. Add some multimedia materials. For example, funny video clips, Christmas songs, dynastic SWF flash and so on. Editors should choose the digital magazine publishing software which supports this adding rich media feature.
  4. Design whole eMag layout and appearance. When contents are ready, it is time to lay them out, and to make it reader-friendly and good-looking. Xmas elements should be added to this holiday edition, Christmas decoration, ornaments, wreaths, or other festive displays, to show festive flair. Make ezine to be reader-friendly and good-looking.

Choose a better presenting method for Xmas edtion of your e-Magazine.

Lots of digital publisher use Adobe inDesign to create PDF magazine. But many readers think that PDF is kind of boring and plain. They are more willing to read flash magazine which looks like a real book and have more features. Flip magazine software converts a PDF into pages with flipping animation. Following are simple 3 steps to publish an online flipping e-Mag:

1. Run Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro. Then import Christmas issue PDF or photos to the software.
2. Continually design ezine style. Go to Page Edit tab, add Hyperlink, text, image, hotspot, SWF, video and sound to flip pages as you like. In Design tab, you can simply choose build-in template/theme and do more advanced settings.
3. Publish flip magazine. It supports multiple output formats, supporting both online and offline reading. For uploading to web, you should choose HTML format.

Distribute and deliver flash magazine effectively.

Just a few clicks, this flipping book is complete. How easily it is. Christmas emagazine is ready now, but how to distribute and deliver it? Followed are some popular ways:

  1. Upload to web server and embed to websites and blogs.
  2. Insert it in Facebook page and other social communities.
  3. Send via email to your publication subscribers
  4. Burn to CD and deliver to receipts.

Final Conclusion.

To make a success Christmas emagazine, publisher should be careful from the very beginning. From design to publishing and distribution, every step is so important. Details make success.

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