Steps to Creat Flipping Multimedia E Book out of PDF

Is there a creative way to make PDF presentations more dynastic and attractive? Yes. Digital publishers could use a page turner software to make a PDF turn pages like a book.

Besides the page flipping animation when turn e-pages. Multimedia book supports inserting rich media, such as video clips, sound, flash, link, etc. That will give an amazing reading experience to readers, which is the key point to defeat your competitors and win more market share. This tutorial will guide you step by step in detail for how to create PDF digital flipbook book with multimedia.

1. Download and install a page flipping software.
Some users would like to choose free online PDF to flash magazine converter, such as Issuu, aXmg, Flipsnack and so on. They are simple, enough for basic use. But what exactly you can expect from freeware, personal technical support, advanced functions, powerful handling ability, or output limitation? If you do not want those issues bother you, it is better that you could pick a professional and cost-effective flipbook maker.

2. Load PDF or photo files to Flipbook Maker Pro program.
There is an Import button on left top side, you could simply click it and load your original materials. Thumbnails will be displayed once loading process is completed. You can use Delete button for deleting page(s). To order flip pages with a new queue, just drag and move page thumbnails.

3. Embed some multi-media elements to eBook pages.
On left side of Page Edit tab, there are buttons for you to add your own multi-media to flip pages. Such as image, text, music, video clips, clickable link, SWF flash, YouTube etc. Click corresponding button, next draw a frame on canvas, and then input source.

4. Personalize flipbook appearance and layout for Multimedia e-Book.
In Design window, there are lots of beautiful and stunning templates for flip book. You could simply click its thumbnail to apply. And you could preview result in real time on the same window. If built-in template does not meet your needs, you could customize your own theme, style and layout, in advanced settings section.

5. Publish PDF to flipping book.
We almost have done here. In Publishing here are multiple output format selections:
HTML, for uploading to website or blog; ZIP, for email sending; APP standalone executable file for running on Mac; EXE standalone executable file for Windows system. Editor can choose one or several output formats according to actual publishing needs.

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