How to Create an Outstanding Wedding Digital Magazine

Magazines are moving to internet in a rapid success, owing to cheaper price, richer content, convenient reading on electronic mobile devices, saving paper to protect woods and environment. Following highlight tips that make outstanding wedding digital magazine and publication.


Deliver valued digital content

Wedding day is big day for lovers and couples. To get preparation, they will turn to wedding journal to get some ideas and inspiration for brides dress and gown, bridegroom propose guide, ceremony planning tips, engagement party and so on. So articles, guides, stories of the ezine should deliver those valued information to feed hungry readers.

Use good-looking wedding photography

Photos can rapidly grab reader’s eyes. It is worth time to take pictures and pick some excellent ones for inserting to pages. Pay attention to offer landscape as well as portrait to make them look more diversity.

Insert interactive multi-media to flash magazine pages

Multi-media are one of the most important advantages of electronic version. Publisher could add background music clips, insert behind the scene videos to interview, use, apply some dynastic SWF diagram, etc. Not all e magazine software support multimedia, so editor should first choose the right digital magazine software.

Design electronic magazine appearance with wedding theme

After content ingredients and elements are ready, next step is how we assemble them. Simple and elegant is the principle. Designer may create a classic layout and wedding template regarding to the specific wed theme.

Brand your flip magazine

To make e-journal easy to recognize and brand your digital copies, you may add company logo image to eMag displaying field. Besides, adding website links for directing to your company site will be a great help to increase web traffic and get more subscriptions.

Create helper for eMagazine readers

When reading a flash magazine, some navigation will help readers reading your publication with ease, such as bookmark, table of content, social network sharing, search box, pages thumbnails, etc. These can make it clear to viewers how valued content can be found.

Publish compatible version for various platforms

As develop of technology, there are so many devices for people to read electronic publications. Wise publisher should create versions that compatible with different platforms, like iPhone 5, iPad Air, Google Nexus 7, Samsung galaxy smart phone, Amazon Kindle fire, Asus android tablet, and so on. Reading on mobile devices is a big trend that publisher should not neglect.

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