Dress Up Plain Report Presentation with Flash Pages

New Year is coming soon. In the last month on 2013, many people and company are getting start to create all kinds of report to review how they do on the passing year, like financial report, stuff performance report, business running report, study conclusion report and so on.

While building a report, do you have any question for how to make a outstanding report presentation? There is one, from Albert, who is working on accounting department. Here is questioning I used to make them as PDF file using Adobe. I want to improve the appearance of PDF report docs by the page flipping feature, as demos here. I searched on Google and found some tools that offer conversion from PDF to SWF freely. However, output products must be hosted on the vendor’s website instead of our website. This is not good since the financial information included in these reports is sensitive and confidential. Some clients may think it is unsafe for uploading documents on third-party sites. What is best solution?’

Do you have same question when thinking of the creative and attractive way for presenting report? Page flipping feature will do the work well. It converts PDF to SWF flash with real book shape, flipping transition when turn pages. Multimedia is supported, like clickable links, YouTube video, audio clips, flash effect, etc. There is navigation for better reading experience, such as bookmark, table of content, search function, social network feature, and so on. All these elements make your annual report special and excellent. How to build it? Just simple 5 steps for clicking on several buttons as following wizard:

Step 1: Prepare your PDF, and get it ready for converting to flip report.
Step2: Put PDF report into Kvisoft Page flipping software.
Step3: Edit and insert multimedia elements to flipbook pages.
Step4: Apply built-in template in flip page creator kit to offer a good look to flip report. If you do not like built-theme, you could customize your own one in advanced settings section.
Step5: Name your flash report, select online or offline output format, and then Publish.

That is all for making a page flipping report. Just a few clicks can bring a refresh and dynastic look to boring and plain PDF documents. After, you could upload online to website, or use offline output for sending directly via email, CD, hard drive, USB flash drive or something else.

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