What to Expect and Learn from 2014 CES to Improve Business

At the fresh new start of 2014, international CES is on-going from January 7 to 10. CES, short name of Consumer Electronics Show, a well-known electronics and technology tradeshow which have been held over forty years. It always introduces next-generation innovations to the marketplace. What kinds of breakthrough technologies will this 2014 CES bring to consumers?

Wearable tech.Wearable tech is on the rise. Many people have high expectation for it since early launch like Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. What kind of new technology of wearable tech will show up? That would be the most-wanted answer.

Curved screen. What are innovative ideas in the oldest consumer technologies? It is no doubt that next-generation models TV set will be with bigger displays, higher-resolution displays. But curved screen, will it become real? It is reported that two electronics makers will unveil large, curved televisions at this January CES tech show. So we could check it out soon.

3D printer. It seems like a dream to press a button and print right away for 3D toys, guns and other plastic models. 2013, we are so excited seeing the technology becoming a reality. After couple months, the 3D printing technology seems to take a big step forward. We are likely to see a lot of new innovations of 3D printer at CES 2014.

Smartphones and tablets. Many big manufactures will launch several new smartphones at CES 2014, for example, Samsung Galaxy S5. Regarding tablets, there also will be dozens of new devices on show and the big-screen will be trend. It is said that Samsung Company is going to introduce 12-inch Galaxy Note Pro tablet to challenge the iPad Pro. What other vendors will react? It will be a tough competition.

Merchants who involved in the business of consumer electronic s and technologies are always keen to this show, to get information of latest innovations, technologies, electronic trends, hot products. But most attendees are giants in this field. As small business, how to learn and apply new technology to grow business? For example, create catalog and brochure with PDF to flip book technology innovation. Look this demo and start creating PDF to flip catalog with simple and easy steps:

1. Get PDF, photo, SWF files ready. Download and install the easy-to-use Kvisoft pdf to flash converter.
2. Import your files to the flip book maker. While importing, set options of book size, page quantity, page quality, etc.
3. Design catalog with brochure templates, flash background, audio music, hard cover, bookmark, table of content, etc.
4. Input e-catolog name and publish brochure to HTML.
5. Upload output folder to online web server and embed brochure to website page, blog, Facebook, WordPress and so on. Otherwise, send via email, ship with CD, both works.

Drop old-school plain and boring PDF, turn it to stunning, cool and creative flash flip book. Why not start from reachable little things to improve business? An innovative, unique and attractive online catalog counts. Get little things done perfectly, you are closer and closer to the brighter 2014.

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