Dress Up Plain Report Presentation with Flash Pages

New Year is coming soon. In the last month on 2013, many people and company are getting start to create all kinds of report to review how they do on the passing year, like financial report, stuff performance report, business running report, study conclusion report and so on.

While building a report, do you have any question for how to make a outstanding report presentation? There is one, from Albert, who is working on accounting department. Here is questioning I used to make them as PDF file using Adobe. I want to improve the appearance of PDF report docs by the page flipping feature, as demos here. I searched on Google and found some tools that offer conversion from PDF to SWF freely. However, output products must be hosted on the vendor’s website instead of our website. This is not good since the financial information included in these reports is sensitive and confidential. Some clients may think it is unsafe for uploading documents on third-party sites. What is best solution?’

Do you have same question when thinking of the creative and attractive way for presenting report? Page flipping feature will do the work well. It converts PDF to SWF flash with real book shape, flipping transition when turn pages. Multimedia is supported, like clickable links, YouTube video, audio clips, flash effect, etc. There is navigation for better reading experience, such as bookmark, table of content, search function, social network feature, and so on. All these elements make your annual report special and excellent. How to build it? Just simple 5 steps for clicking on several buttons as following wizard:

Step 1: Prepare your PDF, and get it ready for converting to flip report.
Step2: Put PDF report into Kvisoft Page flipping software.
Step3: Edit and insert multimedia elements to flipbook pages.
Step4: Apply built-in template in flip page creator kit to offer a good look to flip report. If you do not like built-theme, you could customize your own one in advanced settings section.
Step5: Name your flash report, select online or offline output format, and then Publish.

That is all for making a page flipping report. Just a few clicks can bring a refresh and dynastic look to boring and plain PDF documents. After, you could upload online to website, or use offline output for sending directly via email, CD, hard drive, USB flash drive or something else.

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How to Create an Outstanding Wedding Digital Magazine

Magazines are moving to internet in a rapid success, owing to cheaper price, richer content, convenient reading on electronic mobile devices, saving paper to protect woods and environment. Following highlight tips that make outstanding wedding digital magazine and publication.


Deliver valued digital content

Wedding day is big day for lovers and couples. To get preparation, they will turn to wedding journal to get some ideas and inspiration for brides dress and gown, bridegroom propose guide, ceremony planning tips, engagement party and so on. So articles, guides, stories of the ezine should deliver those valued information to feed hungry readers.

Use good-looking wedding photography

Photos can rapidly grab reader’s eyes. It is worth time to take pictures and pick some excellent ones for inserting to pages. Pay attention to offer landscape as well as portrait to make them look more diversity.

Insert interactive multi-media to flash magazine pages

Multi-media are one of the most important advantages of electronic version. Publisher could add background music clips, insert behind the scene videos to interview, use, apply some dynastic SWF diagram, etc. Not all e magazine software support multimedia, so editor should first choose the right digital magazine software.

Design electronic magazine appearance with wedding theme

After content ingredients and elements are ready, next step is how we assemble them. Simple and elegant is the principle. Designer may create a classic layout and wedding template regarding to the specific wed theme.

Brand your flip magazine

To make e-journal easy to recognize and brand your digital copies, you may add company logo image to eMag displaying field. Besides, adding website links for directing to your company site will be a great help to increase web traffic and get more subscriptions.

Create helper for eMagazine readers

When reading a flash magazine, some navigation will help readers reading your publication with ease, such as bookmark, table of content, social network sharing, search box, pages thumbnails, etc. These can make it clear to viewers how valued content can be found.

Publish compatible version for various platforms

As develop of technology, there are so many devices for people to read electronic publications. Wise publisher should create versions that compatible with different platforms, like iPhone 5, iPad Air, Google Nexus 7, Samsung galaxy smart phone, Amazon Kindle fire, Asus android tablet, and so on. Reading on mobile devices is a big trend that publisher should not neglect.

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flipbook demo test

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Steps to Creat Flipping Multimedia E Book out of PDF

Is there a creative way to make PDF presentations more dynastic and attractive? Yes. Digital publishers could use a page turner software to make a PDF turn pages like a book.

Besides the page flipping animation when turn e-pages. Multimedia book supports inserting rich media, such as video clips, sound, flash, link, etc. That will give an amazing reading experience to readers, which is the key point to defeat your competitors and win more market share. This tutorial will guide you step by step in detail for how to create PDF digital flipbook book with multimedia.

1. Download and install a page flipping software.
Some users would like to choose free online PDF to flash magazine converter, such as Issuu, aXmg, Flipsnack and so on. They are simple, enough for basic use. But what exactly you can expect from freeware, personal technical support, advanced functions, powerful handling ability, or output limitation? If you do not want those issues bother you, it is better that you could pick a professional and cost-effective flipbook maker.

2. Load PDF or photo files to Flipbook Maker Pro program.
There is an Import button on left top side, you could simply click it and load your original materials. Thumbnails will be displayed once loading process is completed. You can use Delete button for deleting page(s). To order flip pages with a new queue, just drag and move page thumbnails.

3. Embed some multi-media elements to eBook pages.
On left side of Page Edit tab, there are buttons for you to add your own multi-media to flip pages. Such as image, text, music, video clips, clickable link, SWF flash, YouTube etc. Click corresponding button, next draw a frame on canvas, and then input source.

4. Personalize flipbook appearance and layout for Multimedia e-Book.
In Design window, there are lots of beautiful and stunning templates for flip book. You could simply click its thumbnail to apply. And you could preview result in real time on the same window. If built-in template does not meet your needs, you could customize your own theme, style and layout, in advanced settings section.

5. Publish PDF to flipping book.
We almost have done here. In Publishing here are multiple output format selections:
HTML, for uploading to website or blog; ZIP, for email sending; APP standalone executable file for running on Mac; EXE standalone executable file for Windows system. Editor can choose one or several output formats according to actual publishing needs.

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Suggestions for publishing Successful Xmas Edition of Digital Magazine

As digital publisher, how to make a successfull digital holiday magazine when 2013 Christmas comes.Every detail counts,including magazine design, publishing online, e magazine distribution.Following are ideas and suggestions for editors who are going to launch a Chrismas issue .

Create and design Christmas issue.

  1. Draw a perfect cover for Christmas edition. E-Magazine cover is the first impression to readers. So it is the most important part of your digital publication. A good first impression means fifty percents of success. Attractive front cover should be colorful with great photographs, and short intro to interesting contents.
  2. Assemble Xmas issue content. Since this is a Christmas special issue, so designers should better use some articles, images or short stories that is Christmas-relative, such as Santa Claus.
  3. Add some multimedia materials. For example, funny video clips, Christmas songs, dynastic SWF flash and so on. Editors should choose the digital magazine publishing software which supports this adding rich media feature.
  4. Design whole eMag layout and appearance. When contents are ready, it is time to lay them out, and to make it reader-friendly and good-looking. Xmas elements should be added to this holiday edition, Christmas decoration, ornaments, wreaths, or other festive displays, to show festive flair. Make ezine to be reader-friendly and good-looking.

Choose a better presenting method for Xmas edtion of your e-Magazine.

Lots of digital publisher use Adobe inDesign to create PDF magazine. But many readers think that PDF is kind of boring and plain. They are more willing to read flash magazine which looks like a real book and have more features. Flip magazine software converts a PDF into pages with flipping animation. Following are simple 3 steps to publish an online flipping e-Mag:

1. Run Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro. Then import Christmas issue PDF or photos to the software.
2. Continually design ezine style. Go to Page Edit tab, add Hyperlink, text, image, hotspot, SWF, video and sound to flip pages as you like. In Design tab, you can simply choose build-in template/theme and do more advanced settings.
3. Publish flip magazine. It supports multiple output formats, supporting both online and offline reading. For uploading to web, you should choose HTML format.

Distribute and deliver flash magazine effectively.

Just a few clicks, this flipping book is complete. How easily it is. Christmas emagazine is ready now, but how to distribute and deliver it? Followed are some popular ways:

  1. Upload to web server and embed to websites and blogs.
  2. Insert it in Facebook page and other social communities.
  3. Send via email to your publication subscribers
  4. Burn to CD and deliver to receipts.

Final Conclusion.

To make a success Christmas emagazine, publisher should be careful from the very beginning. From design to publishing and distribution, every step is so important. Details make success.

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Create an Attractive Black Friday Promoting E Catalog

In the upcoming November’s Black Friday, as shoppers, how to avoid these problems: out-of-stock items, parking troubles and long lines? The answer is online shopping, which is saving money and time, easier to get what you want.

Online retails should not miss this big chance to increase sales. How to get more visits and customers on internet? Catalog is the bridge to lead potential consumers to your store. So an outstanding and eye-catching Black Friday e-catalog is the most important thing. How to do it? Followings are suggestions:

Catalog content comes First.

E-Commerce sales team should do market search to find out hot items that shoppers are interested. If your selling items are on consumers’ gift list or wish list, they properly will turn to your shop and check it out. It is one of the most important key points to get more orders. Secondly, collect hot items information and images, and then compose content and design catalog contents. 

Use attractive presentation way – Flip Catalog.

Besides content, presentation way is another thing that makes a successful electronic catalog or flyer. Many designers use PDF as e-catalog format, but it is kind of boring, normal and plain. Why not change it to a more interesting and fashion look? Flip catalog is such a creative way to present digital content of catalog, poster, flyer, brochure, booklet, etc. It makes catalog looks like a real book with pages. Most cool thing is the flipping animation when click page corner.  And it just takes only 3 steps to create that stylish flipping catalog:

  1. Import original catalog material (in PDF or image format) about Black Friday promoting to the page turner software. Then the PDF or Image will be converted to pages, as physical book.
  2. Add more dynamic elements to pages and design the whole book layout. You may add multimedia to flipping pages, like video, music, website or email links, company logo, etc. There are plenty of built-in templates and theme for you to customize your own holiday promotion catalogues and flyers. 
  3. Output your digital brochure. There are multiple output options: HTML for posting online, EXE for offline CD delivery, ZIP for email sending, and APP for playing on Mac.

Publish holiday brochures online.

Since ecommerce is doing deals online, so the completed e-catalog should be uploaded to web server by FTP, or other free online hosting service, like Dropbox, Google drive, and so on.

Distribute Black Friday e catalog on social community.

Normally, after you uploaded catalog to web, you could embed it to your e-store, website or blog.
Besides, Black Friday also is a hot topic on social media channels. Web surfers on Twitter, Facebook and other community are likely to yield chatter about Black Friday sales. So distributor and salesmen should also distribute sales catalog there.

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Guide for Publishing Online E Magazine for iPad 5

Last week, Apple announced 2 new iPad models were launched, iPad Mini and iPad 5, also named iPad Air. In some expert reviews, iPad 5 is the most perfect of old ones, lighter and faster. It almost satisfied all requirements of consumer. So it is expected a very good sales in this 2013 Christmas shopping season.

With coming development of tablets and smart phone, readers spend reading more time on portable mobile devices. For digital publisher, how to grab this trend and distribute digital magazines on iPad platform? Besides EPUB, e magazine in HTML format also work on iPad. It is easier to create and publish iPad magazine. This article will guide you to create e-magazine that for iPad.

Many eMag designers edit digital version of magazine in PDF editor. But it is not that kind of magazine as paper version. We could find a digital magazine creator to convert PDF to flash magazine. Flipbook Maker Pro is the one which split PDF to side-by-side pages which looks like a real hardcover magazine. Following are steps for creating digital magazine for iPad:

Step 1: Download and install e magazine software.

Search Flipbook Maker Pro on Google, and go to its main website for downloading. After downloaded, please install and open it for preparation.

Step 2: Import PDF or image files to the flip page maker.

Click File menu on topper right corner, then select ‘New’ sub-menu to create a new e-zine project.  Press import button to load PDF or picture material from your computer to the program.

Step 3: Edit e-magazine pages and embed multimedia elements.

Go to Page Edit tab, you could set page properties, like transparency, dividing line, shadow, landscape / portrait mode, content position. There are several buttons on the left side, you could use them to insert text, image, clickable link, hotspot, swf flash, video, YouTube, and music to specific e-page.

Step 4: Design iPad magazine layout and appearance.

There are many beautiful built-in templates for your selection. Just click theme thumbnails on left side and preview result on right side at the same time. If you ask for more, you could personalize your own template in Advanced Settings section. That customized theme can be saved in program for you to use again next time.

Step 5: Publish iPad magazine for iPad 5.

In the Publish tab, choose HTML as output format. There are settings about magazine name, SWF size, HTML meta. Do remember to check ‘Also create mobile version’ option.

Step 6: Upload flash magazine online to website and view it on iPad Air.

After upload the whole output folder to web server, you can get an URL for your online magazine. Then you could read flash magazine on iPad 5. Here is a flipbook magazine sample.

Besides good looking, publisher should be neglect basic digital magazine content. According to a research, here are some popular ipad magazines: Popular Science, Wired, GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health. We could see that content of science, techie, men are leading the pack. Publishing business should pay more attention in these fields.

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